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Pre-school education is somewhere children aged three to seven are taught before going to school. It serves as a transitional stage from home to the more formal schooling that follows and can transform a child’s attitude and effectiveness for later schooling. It can also provide a safe space for children to grow whilst increasing their learning capacity. It allows them to be happy and healthy in their formative years. The provision of early education also highlights to the families how rewarding and beneficial education can be, leading to a higher level of enrolment in future.

The Daughters of Charity have 13 Kindergarten programs across the whole of Ethiopia, including in Bonga, Bahir Dar, Wolaita Soddo, Dembidollo, Alecu, Maichew, Addis Ababa, Bulbula and Alitena. These services have improved the lives of over 2,000 children, providing a fun space to learn and create whilst giving them a solid foundation for their future education.

The Daughters of Charity believe in a Montessori type of education, a way of learning for young children through creative play, social interaction and natural expression. It is a holistic and child-centred learning. In many of the projects, free lunch is provided for all the students. This is particularly important in places such as Danka, Dembidollo, where malnutrition is rife. A healthy child is a healthy learner!

Sister Elisabeth Katebu

Sister Elisabeth Katebu, on the children she sees after being given food and Kindergarten education in Danka, Dembidollo, said: “I have seen the changes they have gone through. The physical and mental change they are showing has given me confidence to see their bright future!”