“The call ... to rediscover, at the source, the inspiration and intuitions of their founders.”

The Daughters of Charity are a Catholic organisation founded by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac in France in the 1600s. Both were deeply moved by the extreme poverty prevalent in France during this time, and accordingly made it their goal to alleviate suffering and try to lift people out of poverty. The first sisters heard in their hearts the call of God and the cry of the poor and endeavoured to live in community service under Louise’s guidance. This service was not just provided for the people of Paris. It went beyond the city walls into the countryside.

This attitude inspires the Daughters of Charity to do the same globally, confronting the modern challenges of poverty in an ever-changing world head on, with love and without fear. The sisters are a Community of Apostolic life called to live with the same values, but destined to go from place to place in order to relieve the sufferings and needs of the most abandoned.

The Daughters of Charity are driven by faith and adopt the Spiritual Way St Vincent the Paul showed. This comprises: a Way of Charity, inspired by the charity of God to give his son to us; a Way of Service, a response to God’s call to bring Good News to the poor; a Way of Prayer in Action, the idea that every action is a prayer and every action should be contemplative; and a Way of Practical Love, a deepening of the relationship with God through loving service.

Daughters of Charity

The Daughters of Charity have been present in Ethiopia since 1927. We now represent 14 locations in five National Regional State in the country. We contribute to the spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of those who are poor and marginalised in accordance with the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. We are involved in Community Development, Education, Health, Social and Pastoral fields. In the spirit of our founders, we are committed to promoting the dignity of those who are most vulnerable in society, in partnership with like-minded individuals and organisations. We value collaboration and networking for the benefit of he society we serve.

The Daughters of Charity in Ethiopia look to their founders and the history of the organisation for inspiration, and accordingly carry out wonderful work throughout the country.